Our DesignTool for your individual branding

The colours of your company, your corporate wording, your logo: with our ViD-DesignTool, you can easily convert up- and download screens, QR codes, texts and mailings into the look & feel of your company. You even have the option to design each screen individually. With your  company and brand presence, you consistently accompany your customers on their customer journey. They feel they are in good hands and you will enjoy our design tool!

Live editing

Recording screen, welcoming screen or endscreen. You design for all screens and can see the results immiately in our live designer.

Multi language

Yes, we go further. Not only English, but also Dutch, German, French or Japanese. Our solution is multilingual en we even will add more languages!

On all modern devices

Your users can view the screens on all devices; desktop, tablet or mobile. It doesn’t matter. Our design tool will let you toggle the device so you can check your design on all devices.

Start now with a new idea for your experience