Learn more about our features

Learn more about our features

Discover our features. This articles will give you an overview of some of our features

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By Roy Wulms

Engage with your customers and users in a unique way. We work everyday to enable real personalised customer experiences by integrating unique features in our product.

Design tool

We think it's important your brand is represented in the complete customer journey. That's why we created the design tool. With the design tool you can design the all recording, viewing and end screens. Change your brands assets like logo's, colours and copy and let customers know you care about them.


Our analytics will tell you how many video slots are created, QR codes are scanned and how many video's are uploaded to the slots. With this information you can extend your marketing

Password protect

Protect the video slots with a password, so you can secure confidential information, content-drip video's or just protect your customers privacy even more. 


We build everything around our api. This allows you to use Vidgreets in many ways you like. Generate codes at various events in your customer journey. Or upload video's yourself. A lot is possible. Check out our docs to learn more!

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