What is Vidgreets?

In this article I'll explain what Vidgreets is

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By Roy Wulms

Vidgreets is a Personalized Experience platform, which is focussed on video messaging by customers and other merchants. We believe creating a more personalised experience on webshops, in greetingcard or other industries will increase revenue en making brands more fun.

We do this by building a platform where brands can generate video slots for their customers, so they can records and share video's with other people. 

What can I do with Vidgreets?

You can generate video slots and share and distribute them by a QR code. This is interesting for a lot of industries like e-commerce companies, printing companies or stores.  With our platform, you can:

  • Create video slots by our integrations, api or through our portal
  • Generate QR codes for the video slots by our api or portal
  • Design completely white labeled recording and viewing screens and emails. Check out our design tool.
  • Get insights in the usage of code creations, scans and uploads
  • Protect video slots with a password
  • And more!

Who uses Vidgreets?

  • E-commerce companies who want to offer their clients a unique personalised experience, like sending video greeting cards with the order. 
  • Printing companies who want to extend their printing products with personalised video messaging like gift packaging
  • Stores who want to extend their products with personalised videos like point-of-sales integrations

Is Vidgreets for you?

Probably! Vidgreets is very flexible and can be used in various integrations. There is a lot to discover and we would like to help you with that. Contact our sales team and get started!

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