Create personalised and vibrant greeting cards! Surprise with your personalised video messages or other content.

Greeting cards

You want to make your wonderful greeting cards even more attractive for your customers or members? Easily create a batch of QR codes and print the unique code on each of your cards. Attention: Addictive potential. Your community will love it!

Why you should integrate ViDGREETS now!

  • You bring "static" greeting cards to life.
  • You increase the loyalty of your target groups.
  • You can generate additional sales with the feature.
  • You acquire potential new customers, members or target groups.
  • You remain in the memory of the recipient of the video message with your personal address.
Branding *in the  look and feel* of  your company

Branding in the look and feel of your company

With our intuitive design tool, you can create ultimate recognition, trust and customer loyalty. The feature is clearly designed so that you can quickly find your way for creative implementations. You'll have fun creating individual, customer-oriented visualisations and addresses with ViDGREETS.

*QR Code* printed on *your card design*

QR Code printed on your card design

You design the card – we generate the QR codes! This gives you full control over the feature and your campaigns. We generate a PDF with the placement of the personalised QR code at the desired position on the card. Print it out! Done! It's quick and easy!

Start now with a new idea for your experience

What can you use ViDGREETS more with?

Our integrations and API provide an endless amount of solutions.
Get inspired and discover some of them below.

Use in your


Make selling gifts even more personalised with ViDGREETS by adding Vidgreets into your webshop. By integrating ViDGREETS, your customers can send a personal video message along with their gift.

Use in your

Greeting cards

Greeting cards, tickets or vouchers become something very special with ViDGREETS! Because your customers can make them even more personal with their own video message for the recipient.