Connect Vidgreets with Shopify

Connect Vidgreets with Shopify

In this article i'll explain what information you need from Shopify and how to connect your store

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By Roy Wulms

To make Vidgreets work with Shopify, you need to give our systems access to your Shopify store. To do this, you need to create a custom api keys in Shopify and connect Shopify with these keys on our systems. Let's find out how:

1 Generate the keys

Head over to the Shopify admin and go to Apps -> Develop apps. 

After this, click on Create an app

Give the app a name and create the app. After this, head to Configuration and configure the api integration.

Scroll down or search for the orders access scope and give the api read and write access. We need to read the order to check if there are products in the order which you want to generate a video slot for and we need write access to give you an url to a PDF with the QR code. If you have done this, you can save this setting.

Now head to API credentials and first install the app. 

After this, you'll see the access tokens. These tokens you have to provide us in the next step. 

2. Go to the Vidgreets portal

Login into our portal and go to Distribution -> Shopify -> Connect. You can connect multiple Shopify stores to your account. Just connect your Shopify store by clicking on New Connection.

Fill in the details from your Shopify store. Use the keys you just copied. As connection name you could name it whatever you like. It's for your own recognition. 

The last field is about the SKU, which is an important part. When you leave it open, Vidgreets will get triggered on all your orders, for every single product a client has bought. But if you put some SKU codes of products in this field, Vidgreets will only get triggered for these specific products. So if you want to sell or add Vidgreets as a product in your store, you could give this product a unique SKU in Shopify, which you can add in this field. It's also possible to add more SKU's in this field. Then just divided the SKU's by a comma. 

Click on Connect to Shopify and the connection will be made. You may need to refresh the page afterwards, because it's  background process, which can be a bit delayed sometimes. 

A successful connection is marked as connected, as you see in the next screenshot. Now you can start using Vidgreets!

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