How to connect Vidgreets with Magento

How to connect Vidgreets with Magento

In this article we explain how to connect Vidgreets to Magento with our Magento plugin

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By Roy Wulms

Upload the extension

  1. Log into your hosting space
  2. Unzip extension package and upload them into Magento root directory.
  3. Enter the following at the command line

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

php bin/magento cache:clean


Go to Vidgreets > Vidgreets Video Message > General

Enable Video Message

Enable/Disable the creation of a Videomessage when the Videomessage Product is bought.

Enable Test Mode

When Test Mode is enabled the Videomessages will be created on the Vidgreets Test System. Videomessages created on this system will be deleted after a short time.

Videomessage API URL

The API URL is by default. This does not have to be changed as far as not instructed by Vidgreets.

Videomessage Client Key

Access credentials for the Vidgreets Video Message API

Videomessage API Key

Access credentials for the Vidgreets Video Message API

Video Message Product SKU

During installation, the Vidgreets Extension creates a product in your Magento 2 Backend. This product is used to define price and invoice name for the video message. By default, this product has the SKU “vidgreets-video-message”. If you want to change this SKU or use a self-defined product as video message you need to configurate the corresponding SKU here.

Send instuction eMail from

Here you can select how the Instruction eMail should be sent to the customer when a Videomessage is bought. Make your selection between three options:

  1. Don`t send eMail
    No eMail will be sent to the customer
  2. Send instruction from Vidgreets API
    In this case the Instruction eMail will be sent by the Vidgreets System
  3. Send instruction from Magento
    In this case the Instuction eMail will be sent from the Magento System. This gives the option to send a customized eMail using Magento eMail Templates.

Instruction eMail Template (Applies only for sending eMails from Magento)

Select the Magento eMail Template to use if “Send instruction from Magento” was selected.

Test send eMail Template (Applies only for sending eMails from Magento)

Test send the Magento eMail to a test Mail address

The video message product

With the video message product which is created during installation by the Vidgreets Magento Extension it is possible to define the price and the product name of the video message.

Be sure to have the quantity of the product set to infinite by disabling stock management for this product.

Also make sure that the product is added to all Websites which are in use.

After a customer bought a videomessage

When a customer has bought a videomessage you can use the generated QR Code to add the little extra to your delivery.

You can find the QR Code and Greeting Card Print in the details view of the order like this:

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