How to connect Vidgreets with your e-commerce store

How to connect Vidgreets with your e-commerce store

We have a multiple ways to connect Vidgreets to your e-commerce store. Let's find out how.

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By Roy Wulms

How to connect to your store depends on which platform your store is running. We have made some integrations for popular e-commerce systems and also provide an api to use. 

To make a difference between the connection method, we need to make a difference between the e-commerce platforms. We see three different platforms: cloud platforms and open source platforms and custom made platforms. 

Cloud platforms

Think about Shopify, Lightspeed or Picqer. These platforms are running in a cloud and you only have access to an admin panel. This means, you are not able to reach the source coding of the platform. 

Because we can't reach the source code, we can't add Vidgreets. Luckily, these platforms often offer an api connection, we can use to connect the shop. 

For this reason, we have build some integrations for Shopify, Lightspeed and Picqer. Instead of the stores reaching us, we reach them, by asking them to send us a message when a new order is placed and paid. 

You can connect your cloud platform in our portal in the distribution tab. Over there you see some options, with some explanation and a button to connect. The only thing you need to do is find out some API keys of the platform you are using. Mostly you can find these in the cloud platforms's admin interface.

Open source platforms

Open source platforms are platforms you'll host by yourself like Magento,   Shopware or Woocommerce This means you have full access to the source code to add or update functionalities. 

Using these platforms means you have some more options to connect with Vidgreets. If you want to integrate a special customer journey completely tailored to your needs, your shop maintainer can create a plugin for these platform's using our api. 

A more cost effective way is using our default integrations. We created a plugin for Magento and Shopware, your shop maintainer can install and configure these plugins into the shop easily and after this you can connect Vidgreets in the shop admin by using our API keys. You can find them in our portal.

Custom made platforms

Custom made platforms are platforms build by a developer or a team of developers. This means, there is a 100% access to the source code and the developers can integrate Vidgreets how you wish. 

Get in contact to your developers and show them the API documentation. They can get started right away. 

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